Performance Video: Turkish folkdance in D.C.

I recently filmed the Washington, DC Turkish Folk Dance Troupe Children’s Ensemble at an event celebrating Children’s Day at the Turkish Embassy in April.


2012 International Pillow Fight – D.C. edition

Leave it to bed linen to unite the world. On Sat., April 7, thousands of people across the globe came together to bash total strangers with pillows and plush toys. Hundreds showed up for the International Pillow Fight Day showdown in D.C., with pillows tucked discretely (or not so much) into jackets, bags and under tshirts.


Rare sounds in the D.C. metro

This is a profile of a local semi-professional musician, Hisham Breedlove. Breedlove studies classical repertoire at Washington Adventist University, in Takoma Park, Maryland. On his off hours, he can sometimes be found performing in the D.C. metro. His counter-tenor voice is a rare quality in contemporary male singers, and was once the distinction of male “castrati” in Baroque European opera.

Here, Hisham explains why he sings in the metro and some of the reactions he’s encountered from the public during his performances.

Ethiopians protest at Saudi embassy in D.C.

More than 200 members of D.C.’s Ethiopian community and activists gathered at the Saudi embassy on Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2012, to protest the detention of 35 Christian Ethiopians in the Saudi kingdom.

Reports state that the men and women were arrested in mid-December 2011 for praying inside a private residence in Saudi Arabia. However, the Saudi government has stated that they were arrested because unrelated men and women were congregating together.

Protesters called for the detainees to be released immediately, and for Saudi Arabia to implement greater religious tolerance within the kingdom.

Human Rights Watch reports
that at least 4 women among the detainees were subjected to arbitrary cavity searches, which activists say has outraged the community.

Jonathan Racho, a protest organizer and advocate with International Christian Concern, said at the moment of the protest that the Saudi government had not responded to any of their requests. In an emailed statement on Thursday, Feb. 23, Racho said he had received a response from the embassy that the prisoners were being held because they were in the country illegally.

Racho says he does not know how many have legal permission to be in Saudi, but that reliable sources say some of the 35 have lived legally in the country. Racho believes the Saudi government is changing its statement on why the prisoners are being held as a stalling maneuver.

Hypothetical: What if the Republican presidential candidates one-upped each other at AU?

Our premise was that Republican presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich both decidedĀ  to donate new buildings to the AU campus, in a bid to garner the youth vote at American University.

Why do you read? Responses from bibliophiles at Politics and Prose

We descended upon beloved Washington, D.C. landmark Politics & Prose bookstore to ask folks why they enjoy reading. We received a variety of answers and compiled this video.

Winter Rock Creek Park Activities in Washington, D.C.

My partner, Nadia, and I wanted to do a short clip on the ways people enjoy Rock Creek Park. We spoke to lots of dog owners, joggers, picnickers and cyclists, but chose to focus on the details of their activities.



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